Written Works by YAHUWans

One of the purposes of the library and this website, in general, is to provide a repository for collection of papers written by members of YAsarel for the purposes of distribution and reading by YAHUWans and seekers alike. Before submitting a paper for dissemination on this website, the author is advised to first distribute a copy of their work to at least two other YAHUWans for review, so at least two or three witnesses establish the matter and peace with the Word of YAH be maintained. Please direct questions and comments for all papers in this library only to the author(s) of the respective paper any inquiry is made concerning.

For any YAHUWan who desires to have their works published on this site, please send the work(s) attached in an e-mail to yasarel77@yahoo.com. Please provide the title of your work(s) and a brief description (1 or 2 sentences) of the work, and be sure to have your e-mail on your work(s).

Evangelistic Writings

Basic Principles of Belief in YAHUWAH - This paper first describes what is not part of Scriptural salvation to contrast with what Christianity teaches, and then describes the consistent and simple salvation told of in the Word of YAH. (22 pp.)

The Death and Resurrection as Told in the Original Scriptures - In a narrative and compare-contrast format, this work describes the death and resurrection of the Savior YAHUW as logically and consistently told in the Original Scriptures, contrasting with the records presented in the Church and Messianic translations. Only the Original Scriptures provide a logical and legitimate timeline for the week's events, and this is a must-read for YAHUWans and seekers alike. (65 pp.)

The Resurrection: The Word of YAH Versus Church Bibles (foldable tract) - This is a tract summarizing the Resurrection as consistently presented in the Word of YAH versus the Church Bibles, which contain omissions, confusions, contradictions and angel worship. (2 sheets)

The Resurrection: The Word of YAH Versus Church Bibles (summary paper) - Same material as that in the tract, but more suitable for e-mail distribution (to recipients physically far apart). (4 pp.)

Scriptural Salvation Process - This contains the content on the page with the same name on this website in pdf format for download and distribution. This defines sin and repentance, and then breaks down each of the Covenant Words one must repent of breaking and then pledge to, then how to become immersed in YAHUW in YAHUWAH for remission of sins and call on the Name of YAHUWAH. (15 pp.)

Timeline of YAHUW Trial and Atonement Week (foldable tract) -This tract provides the correct timeline for the week of the execution of YAHUW the Savior and His resurrection from the dead. This timeline includes a 2nd-day entry to YArushalem, 5th-day execution, and resurrection just before dawn of the 1st-day, and is another issue which provides additional evidence the ROS texts are correct. This stands in vast contrast to the physical and symbolic confusions and deceptions concerning the week's events and Pesack-MatsAH taught by the Church and the Yehudi. (2 sheets)

Timeline of YAHUW Trial and Atonement Week (summary paper) Same material as that in the tract, but more suitable for e-mail distribution (to recipients physically far apart). (4 pp.)

True Meaning of Being Born from Above  The purpose of this work is to demonstrate what is actually meant by being “born from above” according to the Word of YAH. While many preachers and evangelists call on people to “be born again” this typically involves the use of one story to persuade people into converting to a sect through a magical salvation formula. It is important to understand what being “born from above” is because it is related to Scriptural salvation, and it is also important to understand what being children of the Most High is about, and both of these point to the most important words in the Universe, the Covenant, and the keeping of the Covenant. (9 pp.)

Unity of YAHUWAH the Father, Son and RUWach QadUWsha - This work discusses the nature of the Savior before the incarnation to YAHUW, the significance of the incarnation, as well as the true relationship between the Son and the Father while the Son walked the Earth. It then discusses the nature of the Son after YAHUWAH the Father raised Him from the dead, the unity of YAHUWAH, as well as how readers of the King's Covenant can distinguish between YAHUW and YAHUWAH effectively. The goal of this paper is to exhibit the clear teaching of the Word of YAH that there has always been only one Almighty One, YAHUWAH, in contrast to the confusion of the Bibles about the Savior's nature. (21 pp.)

AbraYA Attitude Towards Wordless Rulers - This short paper describes how the AbraYA view Wordless rulers. Our allegiance is to YAHUWAH first, and therefore we do not submit to Wordless rulers who tell us to do things which go against the Word of YAH. (11 pp.) 

Proper Witnessing According to the Scriptures - This work establishes the basic principles of the Word of YAH about how to properly witness and provides additional advice. The first part of the paper lays out how YAHUWans are to witness in a phase-by-phase format from start to finish. The second part of this paper is provides advice in how to witness to people on issues such as how to appropriately begin conversation and introduce YAHUW/YAHUWAH and the Covenant to someone, as well as advice on how to recognize and quickly handle hypocrites and people who play word games. (17 pp.)


More papers will be forthcoming.